The Love of Lotus
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Once upon a time, a hard-working good young man lived near the West Lake. He lived by fishing and planting lotus in the lake.
When summer comes, the lake was filled with beautiful lotus flowers. Once day, when the young man was fishing, he looking upwards and noticed that great thick clouds were drafting rapidly across the sky. A gusty wind was blowing, and it set water snapping and flapping at his boat. A storm is coming! He steered the boat in shore and ready to go back home.
Suddenly, he heard a cry for help coming from the lake. From a distance, it’s looked like a people could not swim but kept float by a large piece of wood.
Because it’s saving lives, the young man regardless his own safety, drove the boat into the lake. The heavy rain arrived, the high winds and waves almost swallowed the small boat. But he was shutting on the lake liked a vigorous swallow. Finally, he rescued the drowning people. She is a beautiful girl. he girl said, she and her parents play in Hangzhou. The storm came when they were boating around the lake. Their boat turned over and her parents fell into the water.
The youth shelter the helpless girl. They fishing and planting together and lived happily every day. The beautiful girl fell in love with diligent, kind, handsome and brave young man. She embroidering a beautiful lotus flowers on a piece of silk chiffon scarf. She gave it to the youth as a love token. The man was so moved and asked the master tailor to make a unique silk chiffon dress for his lover.
One day the lovers were going to preparing their wedding. The girl dressed the pink silk chiffon long shirt. She looked slim, grace, as the fairy down from the heaven. A local tyrant happened to meet the girl on the market. He had not seen so much beautiful girl and reflected to occupy her. The bully grabbed the girl when the young man went to work. The girl never gave in no matter the bully forced or bribed. The young man came back and got the news, then he rushed into the bully’s home and saved his lover. But the bully pursued them with several people. The youths were deported to lakeside and had no retreat. The two lovers locked in a clinch and jumped into the lake.
The next day, there are double lotus flowers blooming on the lake. People remembrance the with lotus as the young man, the pink lotus as the beautiful girl.