Red Plum Blossoms
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Plum like so in full bloom in the arboretum durning the winter. The warm sunshine and beautiful flowers attracted many visitors.
Fangfang was standing under a plum tree and looking up the flowers. Plum blossoms snowed there petals when wind blew. Her silk chiffon scarf was blown from shoulders.She looked around but could not find it. Then she heard a nice voice when she was feeling anxious.
‘Excuse me, senorita. Is this your silk scarf ? ’
Looking back, she found a tall handsome guy holding the scarf and look at her with warm smile.
‘Thank you so much.’ The girl blushed and took back the scarf. he and her eyes met, just as quickly to avoid electric shock.
The boy said:’I seem to have seen this silk chiffon scarf before, especially the one was embroidered with red plums. Blossoms. I recollect, you must be the prom queen on last palace ball.’
Fangfang wonder:’How do you know that. Have your been to the Harvest Festival Party?’
The young man said:’Yes, your dancing was really good. I’m Lei from Xie Family. How nice to meet you.’
‘My name is Fang. I come from Beifang Clan.’ Fangfang reply shyly.
They met admiring the flowers at first, they eventually fall in love. They enjoyed the sweetness and romance that beside the lake and under the moon.
Then the war broke out, Lei have to serve in the army to defend their country. Before he was leaving for the front, they dated under the plum tree. Fangfang handed out the silk scarf to Lei as the love token. They promised to meet under this tree when the war was over.
The enemy captured the city. Fangfang had to flee abroad with family. They lived far apart and lost touch because of the war.
When peace came back, Fangfang made a long journey to the plum garden. But Lei did not appear until night. Fangfang knew that Lei would never change, perhaps out of his accident. Every year on this day, Fangfang came to pray for Lei under the plum tree.
Flowers bloom and fade again and again, and a year or two pass by with every day, and the young girl became gray haired women. But Lei never appeared.
This winter is warm and sunny, with plum blossoms popping out all over. Fangfang came to the tree at he appointed day. She was surprised to see an old man standing under the tree. His tanned, well-worm face with the familiar smiles.